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We guarantee your safety! Exclusive agent of the Zurich insurance company. Ranking as third company within the world's largest insurance companies. With over 15 years experience in the insurance business in Ibiza, we love to advise you and answer any type of questions you might have about your insurance.

Health insurance

The best health insurances Sanitas and Zurich Insurances

Thanks to the excellent coverage of health insurances and the experience in health insurance of companies like Sanitas and Zurich Insurance, you will enjoy and save up with a health assistance of quality, nearness and personalized. The health insurances of Sanitas and Zurich Insurance incorporate exclusive advantages for its customers like programs of preventive medicine, family planning, therapeutic methods…

Choose your health insurance Sanitas – Zurich Insurance

Insurance individual health
From 39,90€ per month, one of the most complete and economical  health insurances for you and your family.

Health insurance for self-employees
If you are self-employed your health insurance gives you tax deduction, together with your spouse and children up to 500€ per person per year.

Insurance for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
Health insurance helps to augment the salary of employees without repercussion in the social security.

Insurances for big enterprises
If you have an enterprise you could deduct 100% of the health insurance policy from company taxes.



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Life Insurance

With Zurich Insurance you can be sure that nothing alters the financial stability of your family, offering you a life insurance adapted to your economic and family situation to assure the wealth of the ones you most love.
With the guarantee of one of the best insurance companies, Zurich Insurance, with more than 120 years in the insurance sector in Spain.

Health insurance from Zurich Insurance, essential in a changing economy
Zurich Vida has been created for unfavourable financial moments.
If you find yourself unable to front up with financial charges, your family, the near ones, maintain their life-standard.
Besides, Zurich life insurances is thought for you to have the financial security you precise once getting retired.
Because when you take care of what you like most you live more peaceful.

Insurances at measure of your financial situation
With Zurich Insurance you will find the product that best adapts to your necessities:

Life insurance “Zurich Vida Complet”
Life insurance that permits to protect your family, guaranteeing that the level of wealth you are enjoying now does not change in the future.

Life insurance “Zurich Vida Complet EXPRESS”
A life insurance that guarantees a return of placed assets in case of decease or disability (permanent or absolute) of the insured, easily and without medical recognition.

Zurich Insurance Loan Guarantee
Protective insurance to guarantee your financial peace in case you cannot assume your financial compromises.



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Pension Plans

Zurich Insurance offers you the best offers for pension plans for you to enjoy the retirement you deserve.
Zurich Insurance pension plans are considered by analyst experts as the most profitable pension plans on the market.
We provide a broad offer whatever your investor profile may be. Get informed by our agents.

Saving with your pension plan will be rewarded.
If you contribute to any of our insurances for retirement Zurich from 1/2/2012 until 31/1/2013, you will gain:

Save and reduce the impact of increase of personal income tax (PIT) to convert it into savings for the future. Consult the PIT simulator of Zurich Insurance.
Win the gift you choose. Consult the promotional brochure.

Know in detail the different pension plans of Zurich Insurance.
Pension plan of short term fixed interest rates.

The pension plan Zurich Switzerland is designed to obtain a stable return by asset investment in short term fixed interest rates.
Pension plan of combined fixed interests
The pension plan Group Zurich is orientated to obtain maximum return by investing in combined fixed interest rates.
Discover the pension plan with combined fixed interest rates.
Pension plan with fluctuating interest rate.
Pension plan Zurich Star is focused to obtain maximum return through asset investment in fluctuating interest rates

Tax advantages
With the pension plans of Zurich Insurances you enjoy furthermore important tax advantages, flexibility in earnings from performances, liquidity in extraordinary assumptions like serious illness and contingencies like the easy to assimilate situation of retirement (you participate from the age of 60 years or, independent of age, if you pass on to legal unemployment situation in consequence of a redundancy plan).
Pension plans Zurich Insurance, most profitable on the market.

Signing a pension plan with Zurich Insurance obtains a product with better return and less commission than other plans in the same category and more volume. That is why Zurich Insurance pension plans figure between the first places of independent rankings: for being one of the cheapest pension plans or with the best return.



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Saving Insurance

Saving insurance
Increase the return of your money
Discover a form to increase your return with saving and life insurances of Zurich Insurance. Take advantage from the best of the financial markets and with help of our professionals obtain maximum return. Enjoy unbeatable taxation.

Saving insurance quote
Choose your saving insurance:
Saving insurance top interest – Zurich Top Invest
A life savings insurance with attractive return and guaranteed profit
Flexible Life savings insurance – Zurich Link

The saving life insurance that offers a range of combinations of investments adaptable to your personal needs and to the situation of the financial markets at every moment.
Preserve saving insurance – Zurich Investment
This product offers you a good return and at the same time the possibility to cover decease and liquidity.

Periodic revenue savings insurance – Zurich InverRenta
A good solution for conservative investors interested in investing at medium term
Receiving a periodical return and achieving for your money an attractive financial tax yield.

Long term saving insurance – Zurich PIAS
A life insurance at long term and yet flexible and adapting to your needs, to permit constituting a life time return.

Long term life saving insurance – Zurich saving junior
The best form to save up and being able to plan the future of your children studies.
Medium-long term saving insurance – Zurich systematic saving
A saving insurance in medium term such as long term that offers interest guaranteed per contract.

Retirement saving insurance – Zurich retirement guaranteed
A life insurance that permits you to save for retirement with a guaranteed return and with the same performance and tax advantages as the pension plans.

Pension saving insurance – Zurich growing saving
Ideal for those who desire a guaranteed interest rate for their savings.
Short term saving insurance – Zurich life interest rate
A life insurance that permits you to enjoy an immediate interest rate, guaranteed for life.
Pension plans
At Zurich we offer a broad range of pension plans – conservative, moderate and aggressive – that yield at your savings and of which you will profit in the future.



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Insurance for PIT

Insurance for PITs by Zurich Insurance offers you the protection that your small or medium sized enterprise needs in a fast and global changing world.
At Zurich Insurance we put at your disposal insurances for small and medium sized companies with a wide range of coverage to protect all of your financial interests, from enterprise property and activity.
The insurances for PITs by Zurich Insurance are made to measure for your small and medium sized enterprise, for that you pay only what you really need.
Commerce Insurances

Protect your business or commercial store with the insurances for commerce of Zurich Insurance. Obtain the best performance and coverage signing up the insurance for commerce that best adapts to yours and your business’s necessities.



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Insurance for commercials

Protect your commerce with the insurances for commerce Zurich Negocios. Zurich Insurance has a broad offer for commerce in coverage adapted to the necessities of every business. Furthermore, Zurich insurance offers you:
Flexibility in signing the insurance
Broad range of insurable limits
24h permanent assistance, 365 days of the year
Your insurance for commerce or business at the best rate.
What insurance for commerce do you need?

Zurich Insurance provides an extensive offer of insurances:
Insurance for business
Insurance for offices
Insurance for food and grocer’s stores
Insurance for supermarkets and self-service
Insurance for butcher’s, cold cuts and cheese
Insurance for bakery and pastries
Insurance for coffee-houses and bars
Insurances for bookshops and stationer’s
Insurance for home ware commerce
Insurance for commerce of accessory and auto spare parts
The best insurance coverage for commerce Zurich business

In case of theft the commerce insurance covers:
Up to 200€ per person for theft of customers and employees
Maximum of 3000€ in for joint thefts in a same criminal act.
Replacement of keys in consequence of theft and robbery at first risk up to 600€ per

In case of problems with your mobile devices and tablets the commerce insurance of Zurich Insurance offers free technical assistance for mobile and tablet devices.
Configuration and personalization of mobile devices.
Configuration of e-mails
Configuration of networks
Download, set up, uninstallation and configuration of applications
Security back-up and data synchronisation
Get to know all details

In case of problems with your computer, the commerce insurance of Zurich offers you a free service of computer assistance, 24h, all 365 days of the year, valued in the market of more than 2.000€ per year, exclusive for Zurich Business customers:
Complete check-up of computers with TestPC
On-line IT assistance
Computer Home assistance
Data recuperation
Get to know all details

Insurance self-employed
The insurances for self-employed of Zurich Insurance offers a broad offer with the best solution for every professional.
Signing up for Zurich self-employed insurance obtains the protection and serenity that you need to perform your profession in best conditions, with the best guarantee, the one of Zurich Insurance.

Self-employer insurance of Zurich Insurance
We offer you the best in insurances for self-employers:
Accident insurance for self-employers
With the accident insurance for self-employers guarantees your serenity and the one of your family before any accident derived from your profession.

Health insurance for self-employers
A health insurance for self-employers with the guarantee of Sanitas and Zurich Insurance. An insurance indicated for professionals and self-employers that offers additional services and tax advantages at very good price.
Liability insurance for professionals
Liability insurance for self-employers with 6 basic guarantees at a same price.

Professional liability insurance
In the exercise of your professional activity, enterprises and self-employers are exposed to committing errors, omissions or to suffer dishonest acts as part from the employees, which could involve reclamations or demands of third parties. To avoid surprises and frustration , we recommend to protect your company’s assets with the professional liability insurance of Zurich Insurances.
What is a professional liability insurance?

Zurich liability insurance offers you: basic amplified protection with 6 basic guarantees for the same price.
Possibility to include in the same policy the professional liability, general and employer’s organization.
Employers disloyalty and none sub-limited intellectual property.
Possibility to sign up for self-employers.
Inclusion of subsidiaries without extra charge.
Accomplishment of coverage of professional liability insurance
Professional liability insurance is offered to juridical persons and to self-employers and as insured will be considered:
policy holder of professional liability insurance and his/her subsidiaries.
Employees who develop the professional activity for the policy holder; as current staff or the ones who have left for diverse reasons (cessation, decease, retirement, etc.), associates, scholarship holder or students in practice.

The inheritors or legal representatives of a professional liability policy holder who deceased, has been declared incapacitated, insolvent, bankrupted.
Insurance of environmental responsibility
The insurance that protects you from caused damages to the environment in the development of your economic activity.
Transport Liability insurance
The insurance for transporters of national and international transition.



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Hotel insurance

To hotel entrepreneurs, this insurance incorporates necessary guarantees to cope with the risks that companies in this sector have to face.

Outstanding coverage:

  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Lightning
  • Fire department
  • Rescue
  • Encumbrances and demolition
  • Mud cleaning and extraction
  • External professional charges
  • Compensation of assets

Total adaptation of the policy to the necessities and particularity of every hotel.



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Community Insurances

The insurance for community of Zurich Insurance offers to all neighbours extensive possibilities of contracting and maximum coverage.
Do not let a water leakage, a concierge’s accident or injuries caused by a shattered window to a third party spoil the community’s harmony.
Discover all the coverage of the insurance for communities, with the whole guaranty of Zurich, Insurance company with more than a 100 years in the insurance segment.



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Hunting and fishing Insurance

Zurich hunting and fishing insurance offers maximum protection for the hunter and fisherman including insurance for hunters and sportive fishermen with more extensive coverage as required by legal regulation.

Discover all coverage of the hunting and fishing insurance, with the whole guaranty of Zurich, Insurance company with more than a 100 years in the insurance segment.



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Insurance recreational boats

If you are owner of a pleasure sail or motor boat, Zurich Insurance provides one of the best insurances for boats, Zurich Nautica .
Discover all the covers of this insurance for boats, with the whole guaranty of Zurich, Insurance company with more than a 100 years in the insurance segment.
Zurich Nautica , the insurance for your boat.

The boat insurance Zurich Nautica is the secure response at your measure, with which you guarantee your safety at sea. This insurance for pleasure boats is one of the best insurance offers: it permits you to select coverage freely, paying only for what you really need.



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