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Insurance for PIT

Insurance for PITs by Zurich Insurance offers you the protection that your small or medium sized enterprise needs in a fast and global changing world.
At Zurich Insurance we put at your disposal insurances for small and medium sized companies with a wide range of coverage to protect all of your financial interests, from enterprise property and activity.
The insurances for PITs by Zurich Insurance are made to measure for your small and medium sized enterprise, for that you pay only what you really need.
Commerce Insurances

Protect your business or commercial store with the insurances for commerce of Zurich Insurance. Obtain the best performance and coverage signing up the insurance for commerce that best adapts to yours and your business’s necessities.

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Ron Frank Insurances

Ron Frank is your exclusive agent for Zürich 3 rd largest insurance company in the world. With more than 10 years of experience in the insurance industry in Ibiza. We are pleased to help to you answer any questions regarding insurances.

Ron Frank revision

At no cost we review your existing insurances and adpt it to your needs. Call us for an appointment


We can offer you a competitive / reduced quote by closing several insurances.

Ron Frank Advice

We advise our customer at their convenience anywhere in Ibiza. Your needs are our first priority and we will provide you with the optimum insurance coverage.