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Life Insurance

With Zurich Insurance you can be sure that nothing alters the financial stability of your family, offering you a life insurance adapted to your economic and family situation to assure the wealth of the ones you most love.
With the guarantee of one of the best insurance companies, Zurich Insurance, with more than 120 years in the insurance sector in Spain.

Health insurance from Zurich Insurance, essential in a changing economy
Zurich Vida has been created for unfavourable financial moments.
If you find yourself unable to front up with financial charges, your family, the near ones, maintain their life-standard.
Besides, Zurich life insurances is thought for you to have the financial security you precise once getting retired.
Because when you take care of what you like most you live more peaceful.

Insurances at measure of your financial situation
With Zurich Insurance you will find the product that best adapts to your necessities:

Life insurance “Zurich Vida Complet”
Life insurance that permits to protect your family, guaranteeing that the level of wealth you are enjoying now does not change in the future.

Life insurance “Zurich Vida Complet EXPRESS”
A life insurance that guarantees a return of placed assets in case of decease or disability (permanent or absolute) of the insured, easily and without medical recognition.

Zurich Insurance Loan Guarantee
Protective insurance to guarantee your financial peace in case you cannot assume your financial compromises.

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Ron Frank is your exclusive agent for Zürich 3 rd largest insurance company in the world. With more than 10 years of experience in the insurance industry in Ibiza. We are pleased to help to you answer any questions regarding insurances.

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We advise our customer at their convenience anywhere in Ibiza. Your needs are our first priority and we will provide you with the optimum insurance coverage.