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Pension Plans

Zurich Insurance offers you the best offers for pension plans for you to enjoy the retirement you deserve.
Zurich Insurance pension plans are considered by analyst experts as the most profitable pension plans on the market.
We provide a broad offer whatever your investor profile may be. Get informed by our agents.

Saving with your pension plan will be rewarded.
If you contribute to any of our insurances for retirement Zurich from 1/2/2012 until 31/1/2013, you will gain:

Save and reduce the impact of increase of personal income tax (PIT) to convert it into savings for the future. Consult the PIT simulator of Zurich Insurance.
Win the gift you choose. Consult the promotional brochure.

Know in detail the different pension plans of Zurich Insurance.
Pension plan of short term fixed interest rates.

The pension plan Zurich Switzerland is designed to obtain a stable return by asset investment in short term fixed interest rates.
Pension plan of combined fixed interests
The pension plan Group Zurich is orientated to obtain maximum return by investing in combined fixed interest rates.
Discover the pension plan with combined fixed interest rates.
Pension plan with fluctuating interest rate.
Pension plan Zurich Star is focused to obtain maximum return through asset investment in fluctuating interest rates

Tax advantages
With the pension plans of Zurich Insurances you enjoy furthermore important tax advantages, flexibility in earnings from performances, liquidity in extraordinary assumptions like serious illness and contingencies like the easy to assimilate situation of retirement (you participate from the age of 60 years or, independent of age, if you pass on to legal unemployment situation in consequence of a redundancy plan).
Pension plans Zurich Insurance, most profitable on the market.

Signing a pension plan with Zurich Insurance obtains a product with better return and less commission than other plans in the same category and more volume. That is why Zurich Insurance pension plans figure between the first places of independent rankings: for being one of the cheapest pension plans or with the best return.

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