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Insurance for commercials

Protect your commerce with the insurances for commerce Zurich Negocios. Zurich Insurance has a broad offer for commerce in coverage adapted to the necessities of every business. Furthermore, Zurich insurance offers you:
Flexibility in signing the insurance
Broad range of insurable limits
24h permanent assistance, 365 days of the year
Your insurance for commerce or business at the best rate.
What insurance for commerce do you need?

Zurich Insurance provides an extensive offer of insurances:
Insurance for business
Insurance for offices
Insurance for food and grocer’s stores
Insurance for supermarkets and self-service
Insurance for butcher’s, cold cuts and cheese
Insurance for bakery and pastries
Insurance for coffee-houses and bars
Insurances for bookshops and stationer’s
Insurance for home ware commerce
Insurance for commerce of accessory and auto spare parts
The best insurance coverage for commerce Zurich business

In case of theft the commerce insurance covers:
Up to 200€ per person for theft of customers and employees
Maximum of 3000€ in for joint thefts in a same criminal act.
Replacement of keys in consequence of theft and robbery at first risk up to 600€ per

In case of problems with your mobile devices and tablets the commerce insurance of Zurich Insurance offers free technical assistance for mobile and tablet devices.
Configuration and personalization of mobile devices.
Configuration of e-mails
Configuration of networks
Download, set up, uninstallation and configuration of applications
Security back-up and data synchronisation
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In case of problems with your computer, the commerce insurance of Zurich offers you a free service of computer assistance, 24h, all 365 days of the year, valued in the market of more than 2.000€ per year, exclusive for Zurich Business customers:
Complete check-up of computers with TestPC
On-line IT assistance
Computer Home assistance
Data recuperation
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Insurance self-employed
The insurances for self-employed of Zurich Insurance offers a broad offer with the best solution for every professional.
Signing up for Zurich self-employed insurance obtains the protection and serenity that you need to perform your profession in best conditions, with the best guarantee, the one of Zurich Insurance.

Self-employer insurance of Zurich Insurance
We offer you the best in insurances for self-employers:
Accident insurance for self-employers
With the accident insurance for self-employers guarantees your serenity and the one of your family before any accident derived from your profession.

Health insurance for self-employers
A health insurance for self-employers with the guarantee of Sanitas and Zurich Insurance. An insurance indicated for professionals and self-employers that offers additional services and tax advantages at very good price.
Liability insurance for professionals
Liability insurance for self-employers with 6 basic guarantees at a same price.

Professional liability insurance
In the exercise of your professional activity, enterprises and self-employers are exposed to committing errors, omissions or to suffer dishonest acts as part from the employees, which could involve reclamations or demands of third parties. To avoid surprises and frustration , we recommend to protect your company’s assets with the professional liability insurance of Zurich Insurances.
What is a professional liability insurance?

Zurich liability insurance offers you: basic amplified protection with 6 basic guarantees for the same price.
Possibility to include in the same policy the professional liability, general and employer’s organization.
Employers disloyalty and none sub-limited intellectual property.
Possibility to sign up for self-employers.
Inclusion of subsidiaries without extra charge.
Accomplishment of coverage of professional liability insurance
Professional liability insurance is offered to juridical persons and to self-employers and as insured will be considered:
policy holder of professional liability insurance and his/her subsidiaries.
Employees who develop the professional activity for the policy holder; as current staff or the ones who have left for diverse reasons (cessation, decease, retirement, etc.), associates, scholarship holder or students in practice.

The inheritors or legal representatives of a professional liability policy holder who deceased, has been declared incapacitated, insolvent, bankrupted.
Insurance of environmental responsibility
The insurance that protects you from caused damages to the environment in the development of your economic activity.
Transport Liability insurance
The insurance for transporters of national and international transition.

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