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Health insurance

The best health insurances Sanitas and Zurich Insurances

Thanks to the excellent coverage of health insurances and the experience in health insurance of companies like Sanitas and Zurich Insurance, you will enjoy and save up with a health assistance of quality, nearness and personalized. The health insurances of Sanitas and Zurich Insurance incorporate exclusive advantages for its customers like programs of preventive medicine, family planning, therapeutic methods…

Choose your health insurance Sanitas – Zurich Insurance

Insurance individual health
From 39,90€ per month, one of the most complete and economical  health insurances for you and your family.

Health insurance for self-employees
If you are self-employed your health insurance gives you tax deduction, together with your spouse and children up to 500€ per person per year.

Insurance for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
Health insurance helps to augment the salary of employees without repercussion in the social security.

Insurances for big enterprises
If you have an enterprise you could deduct 100% of the health insurance policy from company taxes.

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